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Our Expertise

X3 Productions is a unique exhibition creator composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts with extensive museum experience.

Together, we deliver true museum-quality touring exhibitions destined for world-class institutions. Our Montreal-based team is without equal in the field. By combining extensive museum, exhibition design, production and marketing experience, we deliver the best exhibition experiences and the most modern technologies, while respecting the level of sophistication of our museum partners.

Our work approach allows our numerous experts to share experiences and develop exhibition concepts, strategies and content as one.



Located in Montreal, Mishmash fulfills the vision of the investment company XPND Capital, and its XPNDCroissance fund, for a new, integrated, entertainment collective that specializes in the development of unique experiences. The group aims to promote the creativity and talent of Montreal and Quebec artisans by helping them shine on the international stage.

GSM Project

GSM Project is an international leader in the design of visitor experiences and exhibitions. With a portfolio spanning the globe and over 60 years of experience, the firm collaborates with partners across a variety of industries, including museums, brands, and real estate developers, to create unforgettable visitor experiences.

Member of ASTC

Association of Science-Technology Centers logo

X3 Productions is a member of ASTC.

ASTC — Association of Science-Technology Centers is a global organization providing collective voice, professional support, and programming opportunities for science centers, museums, and related institutions, whose innovative approaches to science learning inspire people of all ages about the wonders and meaning of science in their lives.

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