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The X3 Productions mission is to give more and more people reasons to enter museums. X3 Productions develops innovative exhibitions with high-quality educational content that enhances the museum experience and includes a special focus on new technologies and interactivity.


The X3 Productions vision is to accompany visitors every step of the way: from the first contact through a communication campaign, to an interactive and exciting online experience, to educational and unique exhibitions that people talk about, to post-exhibition support. We create projects that have a lasting impact on peoples’ understanding and view of the world.


X3 Productions is committed to developing exhibitions that help build lifelong relationships with your visitors.

X3 Productions is committed to:

  • Nec plus ultra – the absolute best in scientific and museum content
  • Education – to foster learning, with a special focus on youth
  • Interactivity – engaging our public at every possible contact
  • Entertainment – making the experience memorable, emotional and entertaining
  • Compelling – world-class branding and strategic marketing

Our approach is designed to combine intelligent content with popular culture and create a new kind of visiting experience that draws existing and new audiences to museums. By developing interactive and emotional initiatives, we include the consumer in the museum experience.

The X3 Productions team is uniquely positioned to understand each step in the audience’s decision-making process, and our deployment strategy reflects that expertise. In addition, we work with our partner museums to enhance the visitor experience.


X3 Productions is a unique exhibition creator composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts with extensive museum experience. Together, we deliver true museum-quality touring exhibitions destined for world-class institutions. Our Montreal-based team is without equal in the field. By combining extensive museum, exhibition design, production and marketing experience, we deliver the best exhibition experiences and the most modern technologies, while respecting the level of sophistication of our museum partners. Our work approach allows our numerous experts to share experiences and develop exhibition concepts, strategies and content as one.

  • Creators and producers
  • Commercial management
  • Touring
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Design and production
  • Operations management
  • Project management

ASTC – Association of Science-Technology Centers is a global organization providing collective voice, professional support, and programming opportunities for science centers, museums, and related institutions, whose innovative approaches to science learning inspire people of all ages about the wonders and meaning of science in their lives.